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Green & Sustainable Housing


Master Building Works Pty Ltd is an Accredited Green Living Builder.

This demonstrates that we are passionate about a sustainable future and are proactive in reducing our carbon footprint.

We have the knowledge, expertise and necessary skills to adopt industry best practice and deliver high quality structures that meet the needs of our clients.

We draw on traditional building methods and practices and combine them with the latest innovations in sustainable building. Choosing environmentally friendly materials in conjunction with energy saving measures such as solar and water harvesting, are but a few of the important elements in this process.

Sustainability can be seen as the catch-phrase of the 21st Century, and whether climate change is man-made or not is irrelevant – employing the principles of sustainability for low energy design in your design makes sense on so many levels, it would be remiss not to include it at the design stage of any building project.

There are many benefits to be enjoyed from utilizing sustainability principles, which can generally be summarized into three categories – health, value and cost.


Benefits of sustainable design go beyond economics; they also relate to improved health for the inhabitants of green buildings. Many owners and buyers now place a premium on sustainable and innovative design for their homes (or workplaces) as a way to bolster the inhabitant’s health and satisfaction. Green buildings have benefits including improved air quality (through low emission products and natural ventilation), thermal, and acoustic environments, enhanced occupant comfort, minimization of strain on local infrastructure and contribution to overall quality of life 
ensuring our buildings breathe with you.


Sustainable designs benefit owners by increasing real estate values. Given the choice between an older home and one that has been fitted (or retrofitted) with sustainable design features, buyers are more likely to purchase the more sustainable property – even if it means paying more upfront.

Why? Because savvy buyers know that sustainable design facilities usually more than pay for themselves in the long run.


The single most important financial incentive for sustainable design is lower operating costs.

Today’s sustainable design features target energy efficiency, resulting in lower costs for heating, cooling, and lighting your building. In a market with rising energy prices, sustainable design efficiencies will save you money now and for many years to come.

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